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Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute or two and let everyone know about my future here at the Crawfishboxes.  Well, the 1st change will be that I am no longer going to be a major contributor here.  I started writing here about 2 years ago(actually, almost exactly 2 years ago) at the request of every one's favorite writer, Rastronomical.  He needed someone to take over some of the duties of the blog and I was happy to come along... but before I was writing here, I had my solo gig at the MLBLogs platform where I paid $5 a month to blog(yea, I paid to blog...  sad really). The readership wasn't anything like it is here and I was happy to be able to spread my "wisdom"(that's in quotations to express the sarcasm) to a bigger crowd. 

Well... that time is over.  I really do enjoy the back and forth with the readers here and have made some really good friends  in the Astros community because of it.  But, when it comes down to it... this is and has always been a hobby for me... and hobbies are supposed to be fun.  and I'm just not enjoying myself here any longer(it's not the readers fault).  I haven't been for a couple of months and do not see that changing any time soon... so I basically gave my 2 weeks notice to the owners of SBNation and let them in on my intentions a week or so ago.  I'm going back to where I started blogging.  If you feel the need to drop in and say hi... you can do so at my "old" blog here ->

I'll still be around here for a little while(anywhere between 24 hours and a month or 2) to help out if needed... but I doubt I'll really be needed... so you'll probably see less and less of me.  If you have any questions about my departure or just want to drop me a line, you can e-mail me(you can get the e-mail address from my profile, just click on my name). 

Au revoir