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Brotherly Love or New Math: Phillies vs. Rays World Series Predictions

So here's how the season stats break out for the two teams vying to make Joe Maddon's new math become 9=1:

Stat Phillies Rays
OPS+ 103 103
ERA+ 115 114
RZR .821 .836
IF .788 .773
OF .879 .919

It looks like a pretty evenly matched series. Both have capable and powerful offenses and though the Rays have the advantage in Starting Pitching, the Phillies have their bull pen set, where as the Rays appear to be in flux. Although, if David Price can do what he did on Sunday night then who cares? The defense breaks down to give the Phils the advantage in the infield, but the Rays outfield is just ridiculous. It's a really closely matched series at the macro level. Of course the micro level analysis leans towards the Rays primarily because of three men: Jamie Moyer, Joe Blanton, and Scott Kazmir. The latter who really had to labor in extra innings to earn the AL home field advantage and the formers who are just liabilities in Citizens Bank Park's friendly dimensions.