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Tampa Bay Loses the Devil, Wins a Pennant

That's right... the Tampa Bay Rays are your 2008 AL Champions after beating the Red Sox in game 7 to move on and face the Phillies in the World Series.

Not a whole lot here for me to say... I caught the last inning and a half on the radio on my way home from my hockey game and listened to my mortal enemy(Joe Morgan) broadcast the game...  

I really just made this post to get the headline out there... I was going to go with more of a "Jesus Saves, banishes the Devil and comes out victorious", but I figured that would have been too religious and a little over the top.  But it's true... as the Devil Rays, they never won more than 70 games in a season... as the Rays, they are the AL Pennant winners 100% of the time...  Maybe the Astros should just change their name to the 'Stros and see how they come out.. The Houson 'Stros...  okay, I don't like it.. but I don't like the Tampa Bay Rays either... so what do I know.