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Red Sox Force Game 7 - World Series Prediction Updates

Yes it's true... the Red Sox are once again coming coming from a huge deficit in the playoffs to try and make it to the playoffs. The Rays started off the series with a 3-1 lead but have lost the last 2 games to force a game 7 to see who will face off with the Phillies in the World Series.

Next Game

Boston Red Sox
@ Tampa Bay Rays

Sunday, Oct 19, 2008, 7:07 PM CDT
Tropicana Field

Jon Lester vs Matt Garza

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Alright, now that we got this AL crap out of the way... let's see what the Crawfishboxes readers predicted, and who is still alive in their predictions.

On 9/28/08, before the playoffs even started, many of us through out our wild predictions on who we thought would go to the World Series, and who would win. Here are some of our predictions. (Original post can be found here).

Stros Bro(me) - Red Sox over Phillies Still Alive

Tony_O - Cubs VS Twins with the Twins winning. Dead

jbotter - Rays VS Brewers with the Rays winning. Rays still alive

Joe in Birmingham - Angels over Dodgers - Dead

Rastronomicals - Phillies beat the Cubs(who cares about the AL). Phillies still alive

Only_A_Lad - Angels over Phillies. Phillies still alive

TimStros - Rays over Phillies. Still Alive

DyingQuail - Rays over Cubs. Rays still alive

HighLeveragePerformer - Rays over Cubs. Rays still alive

GoCubs! - Since I hate the Cubs, I'll add this quote from "GoCubs!" as well "But, the Cubs will make the World Series, like it or not. " WRONG!! Angels over Cubs. WRONG on both counts

WSAstrosfanWS - Cubs over Angels. Dead

TexSkins - Phillies over Rays. Still Alive

littlevisigoth - Rays over Cubs. Rays still alive

So there you have it. Not to toot my own horn(okay, to toot it a little), myself and TimStros, and TexSkins are the only 3 people that are 100% still alive in the predictions... is it a coincidence that TimStros is my brother??? Unfortunately, we both can't be right and the game 7 tonight will determine whether the Rays or the Red Sox go to the World Series.. It will also determine whether me or my brother(TimStros) were right in our WS predictions.