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Keeping Up With the Astros Farm Hands in 2008-2009 Winter Leagues

Insomnia strikes yet again and I've read just about every Econ (I just discovered Marginal Revolution tonight...incredible) or Baseball Blog I can stomach at this point. Downloading Open Office 3.0 for Intel based Macs went way to quickly and so I was stuck with nothing to do. I'd even read all the updates at (an incredible presidential poll tracker powered by PECOTA inventor, Nate Silver). HLP and I were complaining to each other earlier today (yesterday at this point) about the fact that there's no pooled resource of where Astros players are playing winter ball; so I decided to create it.

Jason Castro is currently clogging the base paths and pounding the ball. To keep up with him through the off-season you can bookmark is player profile or look at each day's box score here (I don't know if that will force you to always look at 10/15's games, but if it does I'm sorry). There's also some scrub High-A ball player we drafted in 2004 lingering in the league and possibly some more like him, so here's a link to the North Shore Honu team page.

The AFL has a number of our players: Chris Blazeck, Brad James, Bud Norris, Sergio Perez, Chris Johnson, Mark Ori, Drew Sutton, and Brian Bogusevic. The team page for the Scottsdale Scorpions can be found here and daily box scores here. Hopefully none of these guys pulls and Pence and gets caught riding DUI.

I could find no Astros in the Caribbean League, even though I distinctly remember reading that Bourn and Backe were likely to participate.

So there you have it, hopefully you derive some benefit from this.

**UPDATE 8:39PM**

Brian Bogusevic has a blog, could be an interesting read over the winter. Apparently he's good at Madden, but I think I could take him.