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What Do You Do During The Offseason?

Pretty simple question really... the Astros were not a member of the 2008 MLB playoffs and therefore most of our reasons for watching baseball was taken away from us once the season end.  Obviously most of us are more fanatical about the Astros than your normal fan(being that we spend an awfully large amount of time chatting about them on this internet meeting place).  

That being said... what do you do during the off season?  Do you still check the news sites on a daily basis trying to find anything Astros related to help tide you over until spring training?  Do you go into baseball hibernation and pretty much ignore anything Astros/baseball related until next season?  

Do you do some combination of the two?  

Personally... I'm some where in the middle.  After the baseball season I usually kind of ignore baseball for a little while... I mean I'll check my google news(in which I have an Astros section created) and I'll look at anything new there... but I don't really go out searching the internet for anything new and fun about the Astros...  eventually I'll get back into the swing of things and start doing more intense research and then start trying to figure out what this team needs to do for the next season.  Right now I'm kind of in the forget about baseball stage... Maybe after the playoffs when the teams can really start "moving and shaking" I'll get back into the swing of things.