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Looking For A Working Link

to an audio clip of the reputed McNamee-Clemens conversation.

The Chronicle link is not working.

I listen to the ESPN radio station out of Palm Beach, 70 or 80 miles north of where I work and commute, and lots of times late in the days, their broadcasts are seriously compromised by static.  

Today as I drove home, I could tell  the station was playing a recording of a telephone conversation, and gradually, in between the electronic fuzz, it became clear that they had somehow gotten a copy of the phone call between Clemens and his ex-trainer that people had been talking about this morning.

I heard this and that, including the voice that's supposed to be McNamee saying "What do you want me to do?"  more than a couple times.

But I missed a lot.

When I got home I found out that it was actually Clemens who provided the media with the tape, before his press conference, but I've been unable to find anyone who's actually posted the audio on their site (although the Chronicle appears to do so, without actually coming up with the goods).


Link to the phone call from

[Reply to Update] StrosBro is the man, in case I haven't said.