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Wiggy Signs! 'Stros Make Offers to Others

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The Astros avoided arbitration with third baseman Ty Wigginton by signing him to a one-year contract worth $4.35 million, plus incentives, on Friday. The club also exchanged salary figures with their four remaining arbitration-eligible players.

Right-hander Dave Borkowski is asking for $1.1 million and the club is offering $750,000, with a midway point of $925,000. Borkowski earned $575,000 in 2007.

Right-hander Geoff Geary is asking for $1.25 million, and the Astros are countering with $950,000. The midway point is $1.1 million. The reliever earned $837,500 last year.

Veteran infielder Mark Loretta is asking for $4.9 million, while the club is offering $2.75 million. The midway point is $3.825 million. Loretta earned $2.5 million after signing as a free agent last year.

Closer Jose Valverde is asking for $6.2 million, with the Astros countering with $4.7 million. The midway point is $5.45 million. Valverde earned $2 million in his first year of arbitration with the D-backs last year.

I'm good with what they signed Wiggy for, seems fair to me.  Hopefully he earns more through performance.  I think the 1.1 million that Borkowski is asking for is a little high and I don't think that he is worth more than Backe is...  

No real comments about anyone else.  I'm pretty sure all will get signed; none really look like they and the Astros are too far off on their numbers.  The biggest difference is with Loretta who is asking for $2.5 million more than the Astros have offered...  If they go to arbitration, I think he'll probably get what he is asking, althrough I doubt any will actually go to arbitration.