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George Mitchell at Congress

If you're not watching this, then lucky you.  I turned on ESPN to get my daily intake of SportsCenter and they are broadcasting live from Congress the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing about the Mitchell Report...

What a waste of TV space...  Some of the Congressmen/women ask good questions and it's actually worth listening to, but then they cut them off after 5 minutes and give the floor to some Congresswomen from California who spends her 5 minutes on the floor talking about some baseball camp for inner-city youths and basically waste everyone in the buildings(and those of us watching TV) time.

If you have a few minutes to waste and feel that this time should be only spent derogating your life, then feel free to tune in to ESPN and watch the meeting...  otherwise, I'm pretty sure there's a re-run on TBS that will be more beneficial to your life.