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Guitar Hero III

Okay, I know this is typically an Astros/Baseball oreinted blog, but honestly... other than the whole steroids/Clemens thing, there isn't really anything in baseball going on right now that's interesting enough to even start a topic on.  Yes, I know Biggio is being awarded the Thurman Munson award, one of only 5 people to receive it this year... but that's pretty much old news...

So on to something, non-sports related.  Guitar Hero 3.  Any of you played it?  I got it for Christmas for my Nintendo Wii, and I'm kind of addicted to it.  Not like mentally ill addicted to it... I mean I only play it like maybe 4-5 hours a week... but damn it's fun.  I've even gone as far as downloading songs for my MP3 player from the game... So, I just wanted something a little different to talk about..

Any other games you guys/gals play?