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Matchup/Game Thread Houston Astros at New York Mets, 12:10 CDT

Woody Williams Tom Glavine
8- 13, 4.95 12 - 6, 4.06

To those of you dismayed by the fact that the Astros have allowed 10+ runs in two straight games, do not fret. It's not even a season worst!

Those of you not repressing the memory may recall that, spurred by the Padres' infamous Sunday massacre of Jason Jennings, the club gave up 10+ runs in each of the four games played between July 29 and August 2.

So no sweat here, folks. Even if season-long home-run king Woody Williams has one of those games we don't like to talk about, the Astros STILL wouldn't have set the season- and franchise-worst mark in that regard.

It's information like this that should make your Saturday-matinee viewing experience more restful and calm.

That's if you can, in fact, watch the game, which I can't, all praise be to Fox.