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Houston Astros VS Atlanta Braves, 1:05PM CST

Braves @ Astros
Buddy Carlyle VS Felipe Paulino
Buddy Carlyle Felipe Paulino
8 - 6, 5.16 1 - 1, 10.38

This game doesn't really mean anything contention wise and don't expect their to be any bench clearing brawls today as the Astros take on the Braves for the last game of the season. A win today for the Astros means they don't lose 90 games on the year and means that Biggio will get a win in his last career game as a professional baseball player(assuming he doesn't unretire).

It was pretty cool watching Biggio catch yesterday. Bet it was even cooler for Backe.

"It was awesome," said Backe, a native of nearby Galveston. "There are no other words to describe the feeling I had pitching to my childhood idol. It was a very special night for me. I wish it didn't end, to be honest with you."


Backe became choked up talking about his emotions heading into Sunday.

"It'll be tough to hold the tears back, to be honest with you," Backe said. "It'll be tough, really tough. I'm sure it will be tough for [Biggio]. You don't want it to come to an end, but all good things must come to an end."
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Not sure how I'll respond to today's game... It's going to be weird next season not having either of the mainstays in the Astros lineup that we've had since before some of us started watching baseball. But I guess we can put those thoughts off for one more day.

Braves Astros