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Game Hero, 72 - 89

Brandon Backe
  • W, 3 - 1
  • 6 IP, 1 ER, 4 K, 0 BB
  • 1 for 2, solo home run
  • .363 Total WPA

Brandon's a little older now, so it's definitely good to see that he's still bouncing up and down on the mound, running to the dugout after finishing an inning, bouncing around like a pinball after foul grounders, etc.

I got a kick out of the game wrap on ESPN where Backe said he was extra-pumped because he was throwing to Biggio for two innings.

"I was pretty pumped up because of that," Backe said. "I was so excited, I finished my normal pregame routine in the bullpen eight minutes early. All I could think about after that was just trying to throw a strike on my first pitch."

Don't go a-changing, Brandon.

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Who Homered In A Game They Won
More Than Once
Pitcher Times Accomplished
JR Richard 7
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Larry Dierker 3
Brandon Backe 2
Bob Knepper 2
Dave Roberts 2
Denny Lemaster 2
Turk Farrell 2