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Game Hero, 73 - 89

Felipe Paulino
  • W, 2 - 1
  • 6 IP, 0 ER, 3 K, 3 BB
  • Ends the season with 9 straight scoreless innings
  • .285 Pitcher's WPA

His ERA's 7.11, but I've been pretty impressed with Paulino from what I've seen. My understanding of him was that he had a high 90's fastball and nothing else, but he's got some breaking stuff, too.

He's not yet been able to control it consistently, but it's good sharp breaking stuff, too. Astro fans have been focussed--and rightly so--on Troy Patton, but man, if Paulino can control his curveball, he's gonna be a big star.

And even if he doesn't, he'll always have today, when he pitched six innings of shutout ball on the day a legend retired.

Astros by Run Differential
W L Pct
In Games Decided by 1, 2 or 3 50 49 .505
In Games Decided by 4 or 5 12 18 .400
In Games Decided by More than 5, Less Than 10 7 19 .269
In Games Decided by More than 10 4 2 .667
W L Pct
In One-Run Games 25 25 .500
In Two-Run Games 12 13 .480
In Three-Run Games 13 11 .542
In Four-Run Games 4 9 .308
In Five-Run Games 8 9 .471
In Six-Run Games 4 4 .500
In Seven-Run Games 1 5 .167
In Eight-Run Games 1 7 .125
In Nine-Run Games 1 3 .250
In Ten-Run Games 0 1 .000
In Eleven-Run Games 0 0 ---
In Twelve-Run Games 2 1 .667
In Thirteen-Run Games 1 1 .500
In Fourteen-Run Games 0 0 ---
In Fifteen-Run Games 0 0 ---
In Sixteen-Run Games 0 0 ---
In Seventeen-Run Games 1 0 1.000
Overall 73 89 .451
I'm still getting caught up from when I was out for the week or so, but I'd like to publish many of the various charts I've been compiling all year now that the season is complete, just so, I dunno, we can maybe figure out, you know, why we sucked so hard.

Beyond that, even if you're not all that into tables and graphs and stuff, StrosBro and I will both be participating in the SBN Baseball Awards. Ballots are due Wednesday I think, and I hope that we each can put together a short post detailing what we thought and maybe even why.

Beyond that, we got playoffs, and whatever other offseason sheanigans Drayton has planned.

So things will be slowing down, but not necessarily grinding to a halt.

Nevertheless, it is a good time to say, Thank you all for spending that part of the season that you did with us here at TCB. It wasn't a season that was up to usual Astro standards, but it was still pretty fun.