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Matchup/Game Thread, Houston Astros at Milwaukee Brewers, 1:05 CDT

Roy Oswalt Ben Sheets
14 - 6 3.21 11 - 4, 3.30

Thanks to Al at Bleed Cubbie Blue for the heads up on the following . . . .

What it is, is that looks like back in July, an Astros fan (and a big fan of Pence) started a fan-site/blog at world wide web url, then found himself in receipt of some threatening letters from lawyers representing Pence.

Turns out our webmaster in question had to hand over the domain name and change it to His most recent post says that he is "disappointed in the actions of Hunter Pence’s representatives," and

At this point in time with what has been said and threatened, I have to clear my own name because I feel this whole event has been a defamation of my own character. So now I have to revaluate my own interest in running a fan website for Hunter Pence, if this is how I might continue to be treated down the road.

Certainly the world needs more Astros fans, and certainly there are few players more deserving of an online fan club than Hunter Pence. But I've got to say, that I understand the lawyers' point of view. The courts have long since established the concept of domain piracy, prohibitng the extortion of "rightful" domain owners by savvy claim jumpers. I think that if we were talking about rather than, there'd be fewer doubts on anyone's part that Hunter Pence and no-one else is the rightful owner of

Not only does have a better ring to it, it also more accurately describes the nature of the site>

I truly wonder why Administrator doth protest so much. . . .


Whoa, looks like a pitching matchup is about to break out.

Sheet is 10 - 8 with 3.71 ERA in 22 starts vs. Houston, with 130 strikeouts in 143 innings. Oswalt is 11 - 8 vs. the Brewers, with a 3.50 ERA, also in 22 starts. He has 131 K in 146-2/3 innings.

Surprisingly, Sheets has the better walk rate per nine (1.9) vs. the Astros than Oswalt does vs. the Brew Crew (2.1)

Perhaps more surprisingly, they've only faced off three times before today.

Oswalt vs. Sheets All-Time
Date Pitcher IP ER K BB H HR
9/17/2004 Oswalt, W 7-0/3 1 5 2 8 1
Sheets, L 8-0/3 2 9 0 4 1
4/20/2005 Oswalt, W 9-0/3 1 8 0 4 0
Sheets, L 6-0/3 4 7 1 9 2
9/8/2006 Oswalt, W 7-0/3 3 9 1 5 1
Sheets, 6 2/3 2 6 1 7 0
Totals Oswalt (3 - 0) 23-0/3 5 22 3 17 2
Sheets (0 - 2) 20-2/3 8 22 2 20 3

Well, there you have it: Roy Oswalt looks to continue his career-long dominance over Ben Sheets today.