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Matchup/Game Thread Atlanta Braves at Houston Astros 7:05 CDT

Jo-Jo Reyes Matt Albers
1 - 2, 6.75 4 - 10, 5.88

Kind of jealous of the Marlins and the Reds this weekend; they get to (attempt to) spoil playoff trips for the Mets and the Cubs, respectively.

And all we got were the lousy Braves.

It's (much) too bad that we won't have the opportunity to inflict some pain on the Bravos, who will enter 2008 having reached the playoffs as recently as the Astros.

But it's clear Atlanta cares not one whit about whether they win or lose this one, else they wouldn't be starting this Reyes character, who gave up five runs in 3 innings the last time he faced Houston.

Of course we'll have the Biggio catching thing for Roy's start, but I'm really not sure what can possibly recommend tonight's game. As entropic might say, it's Albers, we'll probably lose.

Of course, it will be Cecil Cooper's first game under his new contract, maybe he pulls out all the stops now that he's got the security. Suicide squeezes, hit and runs, pitchers hitting away, all that crazy stuff.

I heard about the contract for Coop on ESPN radio as I was driving home, and considering that the team is 13 - 15 since Garner was fired, my first thought for a headline was 'Mediocrity Rewarded.'

Then the EPSN guy told me that Cooper is the first African-American manager in team history, and I was like, well at least they got that out of the way.

Go Stros! Go Matt!