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Matchup/Game Thread Houston Astros at Cincinnati Reds, 6:10 CDT

Wandy Rodriguez Matt Belisle
9 - 13, 4.66 8 - 9, 5.43

Wandy's last start of the year, and he's coming off stellar work in St. Louis over the weekend. With a win tonight, Wandy gets to ten wins, and becomes just the ninth lefthanded pitcher in team history to have two or more seasons with double digit victories . . . if he gets it done, I'll get you the list, it'll be nice.

The other thing we need to remind ourselves of is that Wandy is actually making this start in late September. . . he lasted the entire year. You may recall that earlier on, we had a contest trying to figure out when Wandy might be sent out for poor performance. I'd thought he wouldn't get demoted at all, thank you very much, and while littlevisigoth kinda sorta thought I might have been right, he couldn't go there officially, instead picking June 22nd or something. Sorry, dude.

But TBurford did go there officially, and thus wins the contest. If you could email me with your shipping address at the email addy for me posted onsite, TBurford, I'll get your card out to you posthaste.

Go Stros! and Wandy Power™!