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Game Hero, 70 -88

Lance Berkman
  • 4 for 5, 2 homers
  • 4 RBI, 2 runs
  • 250th two-homer game in Astro history
  • 21st two-homer game of his career, second-most in Astro history
  • 100th RBI
  • .273 WPA

Gotta say, for someone who's kind of sucked this year, Lance Berkman's pretty fucking good. . . .

Berkman has now compiled his fifth 30 homer/100 RBI season. Jeff Bagwell had such a season eight times, and needless to say, nobody else in team history has more than two.

What's also interesting is that with Berkman doing the 30/100 mambo, that makes two Astros this year doing the dance, 'cause of Carlos Lee. 2007's team is only the third in franchise history to feature teammates who've gone 30/100, joining 2001's squad (who were highlighted by Bagwell and Berkman's efforts) and 2000's team (who actually had three guys get there in Hidalgo Bagwell and Alou).

Is it meaningful that two of the three teams with the dynamic teammates were losers?

When looking back at 2007 in future years, will we be wondering how a team with Lee Berkman and Oswalt managed to lose 90 times?

Career Two-Homer Games in Astro History
Player 2-Homer Games
Jeff Bagwell 28
Lance Berkman 21
Craig Biggio 16
Jimmy Wynn 14
Richard Hidalgo 10
Moises Alou 9
Cesar Cedeno 8
Glenn Davis 8
Jose Cruz 8