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Matchup/Game Thread at Reds 6:10 CDT

Felipe Paulino Homer Bailey
0 - 1, 11.25 3 - 2, 6.09

The season continues to trickle to a close, and even as changes occur, it seems like nothing's going on.

I've been out of the loop--and even now I'm not sure I'm ready to re-enter it--but did anyone else think that Ed Wade was a distinctly underwhelming choice for GM? I mean, the last time I'd heard about this guy, he was being fired for missing the playoffs in eight straight years.

The Phillies were usually competitive in his tenure, but Phillie fans bemoaned the fact that Wade never seemed able to get a deal done by the deadline. And Ryan Howard notwithstanding, hadn't he ruined the Phillies farm system?

So anyway, a new GM, while I was hitting the Vicodin and whirlpool circuit . . . . oh, and Jason Lane was traded!

I dunno, it seems like the franchise is determined to exhibit the illusion of motion, as it lacks the ability to show the real thing.

Or maybe that's just me, reduced to raw nerves, grouchy and mean, here in the shadows of six near-sleepless weeks of intense sciatic pain.

Yeah, that must be it: the pain's just go me down. Maybe Ed Wade'll work out just fine, maybe Felipe Paulino--going tonight--and Juan Gutierrez really are the options for 2008 we've hoped they are.

Maybe it's just the pain got me down, I still love this team, I still love this network, and am still very appreciative of our readers.