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Houston Astros @ St. Louis Cardinals, 7:05PM CST

Astros @ Cardinals
Roy Oswalt VS Todd Wellemeyer
Roy Oswalt Todd Wellemeyer
14 - 7, 3.29 3 - 3, 5.14

Good luck to the Astros, I hope you win and I hope you do so in good fashion...

I wanted to apologize for my lack of activity lately... Things have been crazy around the house with my son having his 2nd birthday and other things around the house. I never got a chance to announce the hiring of the Astros new General Manager in Ed Wade earlier in the week who became the Astros 11th manager replacing Tim Purpura. I don't really have anything to say about Wade except that I believe he got the job because he's good friends with Tal Smith.

It looks like Biggio is slated to start as catcher for the Astros on Friday when the Astros take on the Braves.

Biggio's desire is to catch Roy Oswalt, and because Oswalt is scheduled to start next Friday's game against the Braves, it's likely that if Biggio does catch, it'll be that game.

The plans are not yet finalized, but ideally, Biggio would like to catch an inning or two at the beginning of the game, with Brad Ausmus playing second. That way, the two could just switch positions in the third frame or so without having to use anyone off the bench.
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