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Houston Astros @ St. Louis Cardinals, 7:10PM CST

Astros @ Cardinals
Brandon Backe VS Joel Pineiro
Brandon Backe Joel Pineiro
1 - 1, 4.86 6 - 4, 4.71

Kind of odd seeing the Cardinals without Pujols, Rolen and Edmonds, but who cares. The Cardinals much like the Astros have no chance to make the playoffs and are getting a chance to see some new players(don't really have much of a choice). The Cardinals will try to get some revenge tonight after being totally dominated by the Astros last night who were carried by JR Towles who drove in 8 runs last night for an Astros record.

Astros Cardinals
Anderson, CF
Burke, 2B
Berkman, 1B
Lee, LF
Pence, RF
Wigginton, 3B
Ransom, SS
Towles, C
Backe, P
Eckstein, SS
Ankiel, CF
Ludwick, RF
Spiezio, 1B
Schumaker, LF
Molina, C
Cairo, 3B
Pineiro, P
Miles, 2B