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Houston Astros VS Milwaukee Brewers, 7:05PM CST

Brewers @ Astros
Ben Sheets VS Felipe Paulino
Ben Sheets Felipe Paulino
12 - 5, 3.78 0 - 0, 11.25

Felipe Paulino makes his first career big league start today and draws a pretty tough customer in Ben Sheets. Paulino's stats look bad, but he's only pitched 4 innings in the bigs and 3 of them came in one outing where he gave up 5 runs. Unfortunately in those first 3 innings, he gave up 3 home runs, but that was well after the Astros were already out of the game... so who cares.

Brewers Astros
Weeks, 2B
Dillon, LF
Braun, 3B
Fielder, 1B
Hart, CF
Gross, RF
Estrada, C
Hardy, SS
Sheets, P
Anderson, CF
Biggio, 2B
Berkman, 1B
Lee, LF
Scott, RF
Loretta, SS
Wigginton, 3B
Ausmus, C
Paulino, P