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Matchup/Game Thread Milwaukee Brewers at Houston Astros 7:05 CDT

Yovani Gallardo Matt Albers
8 - 4, 3.99 4 - 8, 5.79

I feel apologies are in order, not only to StrosBro but to all our readers, considering my relative absence the last couple weeks and my absolute absence the last couple days.

Like, the Astros scored 15 runs and pounded out 22 hits in support of Backe on Sunday.

What should have happened, what has happened in the past when similar freaks and flukes have occurred, is that old rastro would have trotted out some chart showing how the last pitcher on a Sunday in Houston to receive 22 hits in support wore a Colt .45's hat, or some such arcane bullshit.

But my health--my fucking back--is such that I spent game time yesterday in my own half-ass rehabilitative therapy, and a postgame doing reasearch was out of the question, at least while the pain emanating from my left side did its best to mimic muscular shred, or a drill placed carefully at the center of my Achilles.

It's been four weeks now that my sciatic pain has kept me from doing the things at TCB that I would have liked to have done. In the first couple days of my pain, certain extermely misguided people tried to cheer me up by saying the excruciating pain usually left on its own after two weeks. That seemed like small comfort then, but it seems even less now.

To be sure, there are only a couple weeks worth of games left, and only a select diehard few still care about the games, but most of those select diehard few read this blog.

To be sure, StrosBro will be around to do the quota of games for which I have contracted, and probably a couple more, if I know him and his nature well enough.

But Stros Bro has a wife and a family and a son, and I won't, wouldn't, couldn't, ask him to do more than he already does for the pittance I pay him.

I hate to come up short in the few weeks left.

But unless I'm greatly surprised in that my pain magically goes away or some new narcotic whisks the throbbing agony into some netherworld WITHOUT getting me all spacy, I'm afraid that's what I'm going to do.

Hopefully, I'll be blogging tomorrow night, but if not, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Stros Bro, and to thank our fantastic readers. Since I first took on the blog almost three years ago, a lot of what had been implied to me turned out to be a bunch of hot air.

But you readers have never disappointed and have always delighted.