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General Randomness

Just some general stuff I've come across when looking through my news sites... This is for those too lazy or too busy to find it themselves =)

First off, Woody is probably done for the season. Not because he's hurt or anything, just because the Astros want to see the kids pitch and (depending on who you ask) asked Woody if he would mind being removed from the rotation and he agreed. Doing so possibly cost him $250k in incentive money that he would have been owed had he compiled 200 innings this year. He only needed 12 1/3 innings to do so and probably would have made 3 more starts(including tonights game). I thought this was kind of an interesting quote from the article.

Because he's signed through '08, it's safe to assume Williams will be back with the Astros next season. But as he spoke on Sunday, it was clear he wasn't taking anything for granted on that front.

"I don't know," Williams said. "It's up to [the Astros]. They hold that. If they want me back I'm going to be back, obviously. If not, then move on somewhere else. There's 29 other teams. If one of these guys takes my job then they deserve it. I don't think the way I pitched, that any one of them can."
Really? Woody was okay this year, but he didn't pitch as well as it seems he thinks he did. Oh well...

Astros could have a new GM soon... really soon. From here.
Club owner Drayton McLane said on Sunday prior to the Astros' series finale with the Pirates that the Astros could introduce a new GM "by next weekend or somewhere around there."
Wow.. that's pretty quick in my opinion, but I guess there's no reason to put it off. The team is going to start doing 2nd interviews next week.

Look for the lineups in the future to look much like the one we seen today... Not sure if Cooper's going to stay as manager next year(I'm actually kind of thinking he won't be now... dunno why though), but he's going to get a good look at the kids in for the rest of the season.
"There's a lot of guys in this room that have been getting playing time that are no longer getting it," Cooper recalled telling the group on Saturday. "Playing time is going to be seriously cut. There will be some casualties."

Because Cooper is curious about Chris Burke and Cody Ransom, they will get the majority of the playing time at shortstop and second base in somewhat of a mix-and-match method. That means Eric Bruntlett and Mark Loretta are the odd men out.
I wonder what this means for Bruntlett? To me he's more of a prospect at 29 than Ransom is at 31. I'd rather see Bruntlett continue to play honestly, especially with Everett coming off the DL now(in case you missed it... Everett is now off the DL and is still hoping to play before the season is over).

Roy taking a leave of absence.
Roy Oswalt will take a temporary leave of absence from the team this week in anticipation of the birth of his second child.

Oswalt and his wife, Nicole, plan to induce labor on Tuesday. Oswalt will likely fly home to Weir, Miss., on Monday, and barring any unforeseen complications, Nicole will likely leave the hospital on Thursday. Oswalt will fly to St. Louis on Friday, and is tentatively slated to start Saturday against the Cardinals.
Congrats to Roy! Speaking of Roy... check this video out about 2:12 in.

Coming up, the Astros face the Brewers at home for 3 games and then head off to St. Louis for their final road trip of the season. Did everyone forget about Braun's display of disrespect the other day? Think he'll get his tomorrow?