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Matchup/Game Thread Chicago Cubs at Houston Astros 7:05 CDT

Steve Trachsel Woody Williams
6 - 10, 4.78 8 - 14, 4.93

Cubs and Astros come into this, their last game in 2007 against each other, with each having won 7 of the previous 14 games between the two clubs.

It's almost like winner take all, except, well, if the Astros win, they won't acutally take all that much, maybe a step closer to fifth place.

But for the Cubs, it could be winner take all, it could be winner takes the NL Central, especially if Milwaukee cooperates.

I've never been a big Cubs fan; really, I've usually hated them with a passion, but gotta give them credit for last night: in a situation where in significant years past they have crumpled like a soda can under the foot of a giant, they came through.

Sure, I think Luke Scott should be shot for swinging at the first pitch after Lamb's triple. And I wasn't wild about Munson's discipline leading to the DP ball either. And why wasn't Bruntlett running???!!!

But Sweet Lou still had to make the gutsy call to play back up the middle, and the Cubs still had to execute. They did, and got to admit, keeping my opinion of the Astros out of the equation, it was kind of admirable.

Weird, and unexpected, but admirable.

Now go Brewers, and yeah: Astros, too.