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Game Hero, 63 - 81

Luke Scott
  • 2 for 5, game-winning triple
  • Run scored, RBI
  • 1.153 OPS in September
  • Fourth Game Hero Award
  • .289 WPA
Take a 2 for 5 night including his fourth triple, add it up, and what do you find?

Well, that Luke Scott's OPS is now higher than Carlos Lee's.

I wasn't as sure as some of the folks on this site that Scott was truly da man after a first half where he hit .226. But now that we're in the middle of a genuine Scott Hot Streak, I can see how Scottwalker has proved that he should be part of our plans. Scott's numbers since the break--.318/.413/.636--are each team highs, at least for guys who are still here (sorry Morgan).

And if Carlos Lee had the undoubted defensive gem of the evening, Luke's aerobatic catch off the bat of DLee in the seventh showed that Luke can flash the leather, too.

Luke's blast to right center off Dempster provided the Astros with their eighth walkoff win, and their first since Eric Munson singled off the Cubs' Michael Wuertz in the bottom of the tenth on August 6th, scoring Wigginton.

Given that, and given that we're now 7 - 6 vs. the Cubs, while standing 4 - 11 vs. the Brewers, maybe you can make the case that we're a factor in the NL Central race after all.