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Houston Astros @ Chicago Cubs, 12:05PM CST

Astros @ Cubs
Troy Patton VS Jason Marquis
Troy Patton Jason Marquis
0 - 1, 4.76 10 - 8, 4.26

Troy Patton is set to make his 2nd career major league start today as the Houston Astros face the Chicago Cubs in game 1 of the Chicago-based Biggio farewell tour. Last time out, Patton went 5 2/3 innings giving up 6 hits and 3 earned runs. All in all, I think Patton pitched pretty well last time... but unfortunately, he gave up 2 home runs which cost him the game.

Don't look now, but you should start seeing some new faces in the clubhouse in the next few days.

Seven Minor Leaguers will join the team in the very near future. First up is center fielder Josh Anderson, who was promoted from Triple-A Round Rock and will meet the team in Chicago prior to the Astros' game with the Cubs on Saturday. Right-hander Brandon Backe will also be activated from the disabled list that day.

On Wednesday, six more players will meet the Astros in Milwaukee, upon the conclusion of the Minor League seasons: right-handers Juan Gutierrez and Felipe Paulino, infielder Cody Ransom, outfielder Jason Lane and catchers Humberto Quintero and J.R. Towles.
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I'm not really sure why we're pulling up 2 more catchers. If Towles is being pulled up, then I think he should start taking at least half the starts so the Astros can see if he's ready to take on the catching duties next year, or least get a closer time frame for when he will be able to catch in the bigs. Having 4 catchers on the roster just seems like too many to me... Jason Lane is back as well.... I thought we'd seen the last of him, but from what I've heard, Garner promised him a Septemeber call up, and Cooper followed up on the promise.

Guess who's back? Back again? Backe's back! Tell your friends. And he's scheduled to start this coming Tuesday! The Astros are going to use a 6 man rotation for the rest of the year with Roy-O and Woody working on the normal schedule(as if they were pitching in a 5 man rotation) and the rest filling in when needed.
Astros Cubs
Pence, CF
Burke, 2B
Berkman, 1B
Lee, LF
Loretta, SS
Scott, RF
Wiggington, 3B
Ausmus, C
Patton, P
Soriano, LF
Theriot, SS
Lee, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
Monroe, RF
DeRosa, 2B
Kendall, C
Jones, CF
Marquis, P