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Going on Vacation

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My flight for LaGuardia leaves at noon tomorrow, and I will be out of town and away from my computer and my MLB.TV package and my reference library for the eight days following.

I will try to check in and comment when I can, but I'll be largely absent for the next little bit.

Stros Bro will I'm sure do a very able job running the site while I'm gone, but just in case people wondered where I'd run off to, I wanted to make sure no-one thought I'd pulled a throws like a girl and become a Cubs fan or something.

One of the cool things I'm gonna do while in Gotham is attend a matinee at Yankee Stadium, I hate the Yankees, but I very much want to see that place before it is destroyed next year.  Depending on how it affects me, maybe I'll find a way to post something on that.

Beyond that, go 'Stros, keep it going.