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Game Hero, 51 - 63

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Roy Oswalt
  • W, 12 - 6
  • 6 IP, 0 ER, 4 K
  • 60 Game Score
  • Single in two trips
  • 110th win as an Astro ties Mike Scott for third in franchise history
  • .268 WPA

Everybody's got their interpretation. Here's mine.

It may appear that the club didn't need Roy's glittering six-inning performance Wednesday night, that the offensive spree would have made a winner of Jennings had he been the one pitching.

But I don't believe that's so. I think the only way the hitters find their comfort level, even against a Zambrano who wasn't at the top of his game, is to know they've got a pitcher who can spot them for a couple innings, or maybe more if necessary.

It's kind of like the old argument among football fans about the quarterback position: does he just throw the ball, or is he a Field General?

Sometimes reluctant or no, Roy Oswalt is a leader of this team, and on thursday he led this team to victory

Larry Dierker and Joe Niekro and Don Wlson and JR Richard were just names to me when I first became an Astro fan. Names I would research and learn about and come to greatly respect, to be sure, but it's not like I ever watched those guys pitch as it happened.

But Mike Scott was still active, and still pretty great, when I started following the Astros. His no-hitter happened about six weeks before my first Astro game, but I certainly watched Scotty pitch some great games, including the no-hitter broken up by Oberkfell in the ninth, and one of the other two one-hitters. I didn't watch the ten-inning complete game vs. the Reds in 1990, but I worked for the Miami Herald in those days, and I knew about it before just about everyone else in the city.

Mike Scott was my favorite baseball player between 1986 and 1991, and despite the fact that the city of Houston didn't seem to care, my attendance at the pregame farewell ceremony to Scotty on September 25, 1991 will always be a cherished memory of mine.

So Oswalt tying Scotty is not only statistically meaningful to me, it is emotionally meaningful.

Congratulations, Roy: you've ascended to the stature of Michael Warren Scott in team annals, and that's no little feat.