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Matchup/Game Thread Chicago Cubs at Houston Astros 7:05 CDT

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Sean Marshall Woody Williams
5 - 5, 3.86 5 - 12, 5.37

Marshall has faced the Astros three times, winning once while losing twice and posting a 3.00 ERA. Astoundingly, Chris Burke leads the Astros in OPS against Marshall, as Chris has gone 5 for 7 with a homer off the Cubs' young lefthander.

Jason Lane has also comported himself well vs. Marshall, going 2 for 5 with a double.

I'm sure Woody Williams has faced the Cubs a bunch of times.

If the Astros homer tonight, it will mark ten consecutive games in which the 'Stros have gone deep. It would be one of only 12 times in team history the team has homered in as many straight games, and the first time since August of 2005, when the streak would actually reach 14 games.

Funny. For such a crappy team, it sure is remarkable. All kinds of team records are on the verge of being tied or broken, walkoff homers, grand slams, we had that streak of 8 straight games with ten hits earlier. If we're not good, at least we're notable.