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Game Hero, 61 - 74

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Hunter Pence
  • 2 for 4 walk, 2 homers
  • 3 runs scored, 5 RBI
  • .299 WPA
  • First Game Hero since July 3

Sorry Wandy, you lost on the chance for a Game Hero when you were pulled (prematurely?) after six.

Manager's Decision.

I'm sure you understand, and if not, you can ask some of the older players about it.

But Pence!

Pence, Pence, what a game!

Just so you know, Hunter Pence now becomes:

1) The youngest Astro with 2 homers in a game in over 8 years. Pence was aged 24 years 140 days this afternoon, while Lance Berkman was 23 years 171 days on July 31, 1999, when he hit a couple taters as a chubby rookie off Dan Miceli and Andy Ashby at San Diego.

2) The youngest Astro ever with 5 rbi and 3 runs scored in the same game. Today becomes one of only 43 times in team history it's been done, and Hunter is the the second Astro this season to accomplish the feat, after Carlos Lee, who did it April 13 vs. the Phillies, in his three-homer game.

3) The youngest Astro centerfielder since Cesar Cedeño over 30 years ago to have a 5-RBI game. Cesar had had such a game at 23 years 56 days on April 22, 1974 vs. the Braves. Pence also becomes the first Astro centerfielder of any age to have a 5-RBI/3 run game since Lance Berkman did it April 16, 2002.

And I think that Pence may very well have tied up the team's Rookie of the Year award, what do you say?