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Matchup/Game Thread St. Louis Cardinals at Houston Astros, 1:05 CDT

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A Looper, a Pro Jock
Joel Pineiro Matt Albers
4 - 2 4.50 3 - 6, 5.711

Ok, so after two games of this series, we appear to have determined two things:

  • The Astros aren't very good
  • The Cardinals aren't very good, either

Yet one team has a couple half-ass playoff hopes. How, exactly, did this come to pass?

I'd never suggest that the Astros are a good team. What you see is pretty much what you get with Houston Astros v.2007, a directionless and ineffectual animal that doesn't even do suck all that well.

But when I see the Cards play like they did last night, I gotta wonder what breaks they've caught to get them so close to the break-even line they clearly don't deserve.

How come the 'Stros haven't been able to do the luck that way?

Can we blame that on Drayton, too?