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Matchup/Game Thread St. Louis Cardinals at Houston Astros 8:05 CDT

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A Looper, a Pro Jock
Braden Looper Woody Williams
10 - 10, 4.90 8 - 12, 4.84

So . . . Day one of the Cecil Cooper Era.

No offense to Cecil, but I got to wonder exactly what tools he's bringing along that will make any kind of difference. After all, he's the old regime. If things were going badly, all he had to do was tap his friend Phil Garner on the shoulder.

It's just another reason why the inseason part of it makes no sense. If you're convinced change is necessary, wait til the end of the year, then can the entire staff. But you can't do that during the season, because you need transition people.

which I imagine is what Cooper is anyway.

Seems like I'm a fan of every other Astros manager. I really didn't know enough about Hal Lanier, but I was a fan of Art Howe, then didn't like Collins. I loved Dierker, but was lukewarm to say the least about Mistah Jimmah. I liked Garner, so it appears as if it might be three years of purgatory before they hire someone I approve of.

Sometimes when I'm feeling melancholy in an Astros kind of way, I wish that someday the Astros might have stability at their managerial position, the same guy for eight, nine, even ten years, like some of those other, more famous teams have had. Casey Stengel managed the Yankees for twelve years, Joe McCarthy even longer. Not a huge fan of LaGenius, as you know, but gotta pat St. Louis on the back for keeping him around for twelve years.

And forget about Walter Alston or Tommy Lasorda.

Not saying to reward incompetence (as if McLane ever would), but stability can bring its own rewards.

Recent Astros Managers
Manager Seasons
(or parts thereof)
Phil Garner 3
Jimy Williams 3
Larry Dierker 5
Terry Collins 3
Art Howe 5
Hal Lanier 3
Bob Lillis 4