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Game Hero, 58 - 73

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Ty Wigginton
  • 1 for 3, BB, HR, 2 RBI
  • Increases OPS vs. righties to .724
  • .503 WPA

Wigginton didn't do much, except come through with by far the biggest hit of the game for the Astros. I was kind of prejudiced towards Luke Scott--not only for his three hits, but also because I just happen to have a baseball card for him--but WPA analysis shows just how large the homer that Ty hit exactly was. That, and JD & Brownie went with Wiggy, as well.

The eighth inning, where both Scott and Wigginton came through and we gained our winning margin, was interesting because both players were allowed by Garner to bat against the platoon split. Scott is not helpless against lefties (he's got a .797 OPS as I write) but Garner seems to be convinced otherwise, and his point of view was reinforced when Luke struck out three times the other night vs. the journeyman-quality lefty Mike Bacsik. Damaso Marte is much tougher than Bacsik, and writing about it now, with more than 3/4 of the season in the books, and with Garner's conviction's apparent, I have no idea why Garner didn't tab Biggio there.

And then, after Luke came through, Garner again went against his own trends by leaving Wiggy in to face Chacon. If Garner thinks Scott can't hit lefties, what must he think about Wigginton and righties? Ty's OPS vs. righthanders is something like 70 points lower than Scott's vs. lefties.

Again, the fact that Lamb was not brought in is well-nigh inexplicable, given what we know about our manager.

Not sure why Phil bit the bullet two hitters in a row, but I'm glad he did.