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Houston Astros VS Pittsburgh Pirates, 1:05PM CST

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Pirates @ Astros
Tony Armas VS Wandy Rodriguez
Tony Armas Wandy Rodriguez
2 - 4, 7.08 7 - 12, 4.58

Wandy Rodriguez VS Tony Armas. If stats mean anything, then the Astros should win today. Wandy at home this years is 6 - 3 with a 2.28 ERA. Armas is 1 - 3 with a 9.00 ERA on the road this season.

The Astros are now on a 3 game losing streak and have lost 6 of the last 7 games. 6 of those games a were against 2 of the worst teams in baseball in the Pirates and Nationals... both of which are better than the Astros in the standings and both of which have lower payrolls than the Astros.

Pirates Astros
McLouth, CF
Bautista, RF
Sanchez, F, 2B
Phelps, C
Bay, LF
LaRoche, 1B
Castillo, 3B
Izturis, SS
Armas, P
Burke, 2B
Pence, CF
Berkman, 1B
Lee, LF
Scott, RF
Wigginton, 3B
Loretta, SS
Ausmus, C
Rodriguez, P