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Patton Recalled, Gutierrez Sent Down

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From here.

HOUSTON (Ticker) -- The Houston Astros made a pair of moves after their 15-inning maration against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Friday, purchasing the contract of lefthander Troy Patton from Class AAA Round Rock and optioning righthander Juan Gutierrez.

Patton went 4-2 with a 4.59 ERA in eight starts with Round Rock. The 21-year-old will make his major league debut when he starts the second game of the Astros' weekend series against the Pirates on Saturday.

Everyone knew it was coming... just wasn't 100% sure who would be sent down. From what I've read here, Patton is going to make his stay in Houston a little longer than Gutierrez did.

Garner says :
"I feel certain we intend to keep him up here," Astros manager Phil Garner said Friday. "He's a kid that we've always liked in this organization, hometown boy, golden opportunity for him, so we're going to give him a chance and feel like he can get it done."