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Game Hero, 57 - 70

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Woody Williams
  • W, 8 - 12
  • 6-1/3 IP, 2 ER, 8 K
  • Third straight winning decision and fourth straight Quality Start
  • 59 Game Score
  • 3.78 Post All-Star ERA, 1.04 Post All-Star WHIP
  • .141 Pitcher's WPA

You're always skating on thin ice with Woody. He pitched a whale of a ballgame tonight, posting his second-best strikeout total of the year, with 8. But because he's so very prone to the gopher ball, you're never ever comfortable watching him, even when he's mowing them down.

Kearns' homer put us on notice that Woody was running out of gas and the walk to Schneider in the seventh confirmed it. Garner, to his credit, got Woody out of there exactly when he should have.

Woody's been pretty gosh-darned good lately, with only a pair of flameouts vs. the Braves and Padres at the end of July and the beginning of August keeping him from some of the best post-break numbers in the National League. And as it is, he's got a 2.02 ERA since pitching that freaky inning of relief in Florida.

I still can't say I'm overjoyed that Woody's coming back next year, not unless we trade stadia with the Padres. But the way he's been going, the concept doesn't terrify me so much any more, either.