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Matchup/Game Thread Washington Nationals at Houston Astros, 7:05 CDT

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Joel Hanrahan Wandy Rodriguez
2 - 1, 2.35 7 - 11, 4.31

What is this with the Gnats sending back-to-back guys at us with sub-3.00 ERA's?

Well, no matter. We've got the magic Wandy going tonight, the Wandster, the amazing W-Rod, and I'm feeling very Wandilicious about this game. I'm feeling very confident.

Which is nice, but the important thing is that Wandy's feeling confident. You know it's all mental with him, and if you're gonna find anguish with him on the road, the flip side is that you get to take succor and solace at home.

Get Rodriguez a couple runs and we'll be good to go. . . .

Tonight is Wandy's fourth home start since the break, and in the previous three he has given up no more than one run in any of them, while posting a 1.22 ERA, and a 1.00 WHIP. It does appear that his walks per 9 are up, but he's made up for that by holding opponents to a .273 slugging percentage at home over the same period. That's not batting average, that's slugging.

Wandy's the f&*^ing real deal at home, and we've gotten to the point where I don't even sweat a home start from the man. Watch him disappoint me tonight, now that I've written, but mystery causation or not, the track record is very clear.