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Matchup/Game Thread Houston Astros at San Diego Padres, 3:05 CDT

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Matt Albers Greg Maddux
3 - 5, 5.99 8 - 9, 4.00

Whoo! Just in time.

With the oblique injury to Roy, seeing Albers pitch today makes me think that we are going to shortly see our seventh starting pitcher of the season. Albers has been pretty OK for a number six guy, but he won't be able to fill in for Roy, coz he's already filling in for Chris.

If Roy can't go in his next start, I guess it'll be the newly called up Gutierrez taking his place, but I haven't done any research, it's just what kinda makes sense.

Last year, with Backe hurt early, Jason Hirsh became our seventh starter of the year, and in 2005, we never had to go that deep, as Zeke Astacio filled in each time a member of our top five couldn't go. Zeke was 3 - 6 with a 5.67 in 14 games started, which I guess makes my statement that Albers has done pretty OK sound funny. Guess that's the brilliant flashes he's shown in some of his relief outings talking.