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Houston Astros @ San Diego Padres, 9:05PM CST

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Astros @ Padres
Roy Oswalt VS Justin Germano
Roy Oswalt Justin Germano
13 - 6, 3.32 6 - 6, 4.16

Roy Oswalt VS Justin Germano. Rookie Justin Germano takes on Roy Oswalt, both looking to keep their loss total at 6. Germano has actually been pretty good this season posting a respectable 4.16 ERA through his 23 games started this year. Gemano's also been pretty good so far in August posting a 0-0 record with 2 earned runs against through 11 innings. That's good and all, but that's not Roy Oswalt good. Roy has been lights out ever since giving up 8 runs against the Cubbies on 7/14/07. Since that time he's won 5 straight starts and gave up a total of 3 earned runs. In August alone he's 3-0 with a .90 ERA with 20 innings pitched. Hopefully Roy can continue that trend tonight and earn his 6th straight win.

Don't look now, but your Houston Astros sit only 7.5 games behind the first place Cubs. That's still a bunch of games to overcome and the Astros(even though are playing better ball as of late)are still only 9 - 7 in August. We're not going to gain games on the Cubs(unless of course they fall on their face) by winning 9 of 16 games. Only way we are going to catch anyone is if we start winning series after series. Go on a 12-4 run and then maybe(big maybe), we'll have even the slightest chance of making a run for the devision... That's not too much to ask is it?

Astros Padres
Burke, 2B
Bruntlett, SS
Berkman, RF
Lee, LF
Lamb, 1B
Wigginton, 3B
Lane, CF
Ausmus, C
Oswalt, P
Giles, B, RF
Blum, 2B
Cameron, M, CF
Gonzalez, 1B
Ensberg, 3B
Greene, SS
Sledge, LF
Laforeset, C
Germano, P