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Game Hero, 55-67

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Game Hero 55-67
  • Lance Berkman
  • 2-3, 2 R, 3 RBI, 1 BB
  • 2 HR, the 6th hit off Peavy this year
  • .468WPA
Tonights game really had 2 heros, Lance for the awesome offensive performance and Woody for his awsome pitching performance. Lance was everything tonight offensivly driving in the only runs scored by the Astros. Basically any other night, Woody would have been given the game hero(by me at least). Woody had a wonderful outing going 7 innings and giving up just 1 earned run. Woody lowered his ERA under 5.00 (4.92) for the first time since his 2nd outing this year(4/9/07). In Woody's last 3 games, he's given up a total of 4 runs over 20 innings.