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Houston Astros @ San Diego Padres, 9:05PM CST

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Astros @ Padres
Woody Williams VS Jake Peavy
Woody Williams Jake Peavy
6 - 12, 5.09 13 - 5, 2.23

Peavy VS Williams, round 2. Last time we had this match up, the Astros were at home and Woody earned his 12th loss of the season(his last recorded loss this year). New scenery, so hopefully there will be a new outcome. Last time, Woody went 6 innings and gave up 5 earned runs as his counterpart in Peavy pitched 7 innings while only giving up 1 run(and striking out 8). Maybe Woody will be more comfortable in SD after pitching there his 2 previous years.

Woody has been good in his last 2 games giving up 3 runs through 13 innings. Hopefully he can put up another effort like the last two and start this series off with a win.

Astros Padres