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Game Hero, 54-65

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Game Hero 54-65
  • Brad Lidge
  • 1 IP, 1K
  • Ended 9th inning threat
  • .189WPA
  • 9th Save of the year

Tonights game was tought to choose a game hero. Some are calling for Brad Ausmus as the game hero for finishing off the 9th inning double, play... but if you watch the video, that was more Berkman's doing than Brad, who alerted Ausmus of the Sweeney mistake and got him to throw to first to end the game. I wanted to give the award to Albers, who pitched well tonight... but 6 2/3 innings w/3 Earned runs is what we expect out ouf our pitchers; nothing heroic about that(even though he did pitch well). Nobody on the Astros really did anything special on offense... the best stats on the night was probably Burke who went 2 - 5 with 2 RBI's.

So there it is, Brad Lidge with his (/gulp) 1st game hero award of the year after coming in to save the game in the 9th after McLemore gave up 1 run and put 2 on to bring the game tying run to the plate. Brad then struck out Furcal and induced the game ending 2-3 double play.