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NY Mets at Houston Astros 7:05 CDT

Mike Pelfrey Wandy Rodriguez
0 - 6, 6.11 5 - 7, 4.23

Look at the pitching matchup.

This is a game we should win. As one of the Mets' prize draftees last June, Pelfrey is supposed to have oodles of talent, but he's clearly yet to put it together. Two weeks ago, he was in exile at AAA New Orleans, having been sent down in shame after having had the hopes of Mets Nation placed upon his shoulders with the assignment to the Opening Day rotation.

Only Oliver Perez' injury has brought him back to the majors.

Previous matchups are inconclusive, as those likely to face Pelfrey tonight (Berkman, Burke, Lamb and Ausmus) are 2 for 9 off him with a double and a walk.

Doesn't matter.

Most recently, in his first start back in the majors, he gave up a serviceable 3 runs over five innings at Philly.

Doesn't matter.

Every fan of every team thinks that their team is the one most snakebit by greenhorn rookie starters.

Fact is--and you can't prove it's not true--we should rock this guy. Other teams have done so consistently, and now it's our turn.

Wandy should be able to give up 3 over 6, our bullpen can toss one in for good measure, and we should still win by three.

With the uncertain matchup of Williams vs. Glavine Saturday, we better.