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Booing in Baseball

This is just more of a topic starter, no real meat to this thread... but today after seeing Jennings give up 11 runs in 2/3's of an inning and then hearing the crowd boo him off the field, it just kind of bothered me. Maybe I'm a softy, but I just can't see any reason to boo your own team...

What do you think? Do you think it's ever acceptable to boo your own team? When? Why?

In my opinion, the only time I'm going to boo my own team, is if it's just a total lack of effort. Earlier in the season I would have boo'd Carlos Lee multiple times for not running out grounders or not hustling in the field. But I'd never boo him for doing poorly... maybe it's just me. Maybe it's just pent up frustration for the lack of production Jennings has had this year and the players we lost in the trade to get Jennings. Hell I don't know, just curious what you guys(and gals) think about the subject.