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Game Hero, 46 - 58

Roy Oswalt
  • W, 10 - 6
  • 7 IP, 1 R, 0 ER, 3 H, 1 BB
  • Ties season high with 10 K's
  • 78 Game Score
  • 7th straight season with 10+ wins
  • Sole possession of fourth place on club's career victory list with 108

Milo was saying this was perhaps the team's best game of the season, and I don't know about that, but it was pretty clearly Oswalt's best. Certainly the game that Roy O pitched on his bobblehead day was the team's second-best by Game Score on the year, and tied his season's best in strikeouts.

Although I understand how you could make a conscious decision to NOT go for the strikeout, I'm less sure that you can just one day decide to start whiffing people again. So I'm not sure that this game necessarily represents, as clack suggested, a conscious return to any earlier philopsophy. I think Roy just had a good game.

No; he had a great one.

As we held the Pads to the one run, the team has now held the opposition to one run or less in three of the last four games. With Lidge giving up the meaningless single to Kouzmanoff in the ninth, the team allowed four hits, which is the season low, now established six times. A three-hitter would have been the first since Game 162 last year.

Most Consecutive Seasons, 10+ Wins
Pitcher Years Streak
Don Wilson 8 1967 1974
Roy Oswalt 7 2001 ?
Nolan Ryan 7 1980 1986
J.R. Richard 6 1975 1980
Mike Scott 5 1985 1989
Larry Dierker 5 1968 1972