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Matchup/Game Thread San Diego Padres @ Houston Astros 8:05 CDT

Jake Peavy Woody Williams
9 - 5, 2.47 5 - 11, 5/03

Alright, then. It's one thing to beat a fat, 44-year old diabetic at home.

It's quite another to do the same to the league leader in road ERA.

As if it weren't already ridiculous enough to have a better earned run average away from cavernous PETCO Park, Jake Peavy compounds the absurdity by cultivating an away ERA of 0.94.

A road ERA under 1.00. Wow.

And in our corner, we have a man, as Austin Astroholic points out, named after a cartoon woodpecker.

OK, OK. It may not be as bad as all that. Woody's been better lately. Everybody says it.

Williams is 2 - 1 in July, with a 3.14 ERA, and has held opposing batters to a .214 batting average. Plus, he's walked two all month.

Still, I'm not holding my breath. Woody's home ERA is more than five times Peavy's road ERA, so it looks to me like we're the ones with the outclassed old guy tonight.

Woody can, with a good start, get his ERA below 5.00 for the first time since April 13. Three runs or fewer over seven innings or more will do it.

Until last night, the team had not allowed a total of two runs or less in successive game all year. The fewest runs that the team has allowed in any three successive games is 6. Let's hope then that Woody lowers his ERA, and that we shave a run off that runs in successive games figure.

Though Peavy comes off three straight losses, hoping for a win just might be too much to ask.