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Game Hero, 45 - 57

Wandy Rodriguez
  • 7 IP, 1 ER, 5K, 2 BB
  • 66 Game Score
  • Lowers home ERA to 1.75, second best in the NL

Like JD said, anybody who claims to know why Wandy's home/road splits look the way they do is lying. W-Rod clearly has some skills, and is clearly an improved pitcher over last year . . . and he very clearly let us down big-time on the last road trip.

So no grandiloquent rhapsodizing on my part tonight, just a small notation that Wandy was our best player this eve.

Oh, and Rodriguez moves into a tie with Billy Wagner for tenth place on the team's career winningest lefthander list, check it out:

RK Astro Lefty Wins
1 Bob Knepper 93  
2 Mike Hampton 69  
3 Jim Deshaies 61  
4 Dave Roberts 47  
T5 Andy Pettitte 37  
T5 Mike Cuellar 37  
7 Joe Sambito 33  
T8 Denny Lemaster 30  
T8 Greg Swindell 30  
T10 Billy Wagner 26  
T10 Wandy Rodriguez 26