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Game Hero, 44 - 57

Carlos Lee
  • 2 for 4, solo homer, single
  • Stolen base
  • Deked Jeff Kent and turned a double into an out
  • Great play on Garciaparra, turned a double into a single
  • .195 WPA

Matt Albers had phenomenal stuff tonight. I tend to get carried away, so when I say that I think no Astro starter this year has had such good stuff during any start, take it with a grain of salt, humor me.

Albers has for the most part been lights out since returning from Round Rock, and this game consolidated it for those fans who'd been slow to notice.

Fangraphs tell us that Matt had the highest Win Probability Added of any Astro, but I can't go there: no matter how good his five innings were (and he had a 65 Game Score, so they were plenty good), I just can't drop the Game Hero thang for barely more than half a game.

So once you eliminate Matt, it's Carlos, 'cause he did everything else. He hit home runs, he played defense, he stole bases, he even mugged for the camera with the guy who gave up the moonshot that tied the game.