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Pence Contest Ends

Back on April 29, when Hunter was first called up, I had been talked by BTAstros into running a contest. The contest as I described it then was to

come closest to--without going over--Hunter's Onbase Plus Slugging during his first major league tenure.
and the giveaway was the 2006 Bowman # FG18 you see pictured above with a swatch of Hunter's Future's Game jersey built in.

After only a little thought, I am interpreting that first tenure to have ended yesterday, when he was placed on the DL.

We know now that with his slugging of .564 and his OPS of .355, Pence ended his first stretch with an OPS of .919.

Mirabeau Lamar : man, I am sorry. You are obviously the ablest prognosticator, coming within one-thousandth of a point. But the contest also said "without going over," and there's no doubt you did that.

So the award will go to the reader who suggested the contest in the first place: BTAstros.

Just the way it was planned, I am sure.

Those Who Guessed Hunter Pence's OPS
Reader Guess Difference
BTastros .903 -.016
rastronomicals .887 -.032
SeoulStro .868 -.051
bwhite2323 .850 -.069
Tim .842 -.077
Shamus .822 -.097
Kian .797 -.122
clack .790 -.129
MG .723 -.196
Those going Over:
Mirabeau Lamar .920 .001
Zach .942 .023
Stros Bro 1.126 .207

BTAstros, if you could contact me at the public address I keep on site with your ship to address, I will get your Hunter Pence jersey card in the mail to you forthwith.